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Re: Stupid Sets

I *hated* the beer brewery engineering set too.

I also disliked the electrical plant (or whatever) it was they used for the bowels of the Kelvin...(it reminded me too much of episodes of Doctor Who, the new BSG & Space: Above & Beyond where *obvious* old factory locations were used as "spaceships"...)

Well actually, I didn't *wholly* hate them - they did add a real industrial feel to the "ships" that has been missing...and you can't replicate with plastic and plywood sets and blinky added a kind of Nostrono feel to the Kelvin, for example.

*BUT*, it also takes me out of things when I see concrete and bricks. And those big beer/water tanks Kirk & Scotty were running by just looks...well...liek water tanks - not starship parts.

So I actually wouldn't mind using real-life locations like that - but with added set extensions - CGI and real - that cover up the obvious down-to-Earth looking bits, and that add some futuristic looking starship engine/engineering parts to the location sets.

You know, as much as I loved the new movie - there were a few things I did miss from the previous film & TV series - and one of those is *set design* - and ship sets that are well thought out...where stuff we see on screen has a purpose and meaning for being there - not just to look "engine like"...their purpose and location in the ship was thought out beforehand.

Why not use the real-world sets - but bring in someone like Probert to design set extensions and to try and make the real-world parts of the set fit into an in-world engine design?
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