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I really don't think we should discourage and get testy with people who bring up things they want to talk about concerning the last movie. That is why we have message we can talk!.....

.....If age is the factor then we shouldn't have a section devoted to TOS which is over 40 years old!

Excellent point! There are new fans getting interested in Trek every day and new members coming to post on these forums each week. Things will sure get very quiet around here if we can only discuss all the Trek that has been produced only in the last 12 months!

Styro, this issue has come up before, but you are pretty sure to hear from some of the "regulars" here, both pro and con on the matter. I, personally, was disappointed with the use of the Anheuser- Busch brewery and hope that we'll see something more reminiscent of a Trek engine room in the next movie, even if it is essentially the idea of an expansive machinery set (as was part of the idea behind using the brewery) radiating out from a somewhat more familiar (updated, of course!) central, higher-tech-Trek-looking control room/area.
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