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Re: TNG fans please identify yourselves ...

My name is Roberta, or Bert, I'm thirty-seven and holding (for the last four years). Not because I'm afraid of aging, on the contrary, I have learned a lot in my lifetime. For me my birthday's became something I just pass over without a second thought to the celebration of my own life. Instead, I fell the pain of the death of the woman who practically raised me, my Grandmother.

Other than that, I am a mother of two beautiful girls and wife or twenty-two years. A fact I am thankful for every day since fate nearly took my husband from me ten years ago this year.

I have bee a Star Trek fan since I was little, but really learned to love it again when TNG came on. I was a senior in high school and thought the idea of a life without the pains we know everyday was pretty cool. My favorite character was Beverly Crusher because at the time I inspired to be a Doctor myself. I think she could have had more potential if they would have allowed her to grow.

My favorite photo, being a Picard/Crusher Shipper is:

"Something unusual has definitely been happening to you." Dr. Beverly Crusher
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