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Re: Star Trek: Voyager - A Marathon Re-visit.

ALLIANCES - 2x14 - 3/5

The opening to this episode is excellent. Seeing Voyager completely overwhelmed and getting the shit kicked out of it is more of what I want to see. Chakotay's words to Janeway: "I don't think we can afford to keep doing business as usual" are prophetic and it's a shame that these words appear to fall on deaf ears. Janeway's stubborn adherence to protocol is frustrating but at least in keeping with her character (so far).

This episode presents some interesting ideas and makes me wonder if they could've strung out this alliance with the Trabe for a few episodes before realising their real motives.

Neelix once again becomes used for what he's good at. Meeting with alien contacts and getting readings on situations before Voyager commits itself.

Unfortunately everything goes back to the way it was in the beginning and we get nothing out of this experience. I am giving this episode a 3 because the majority of it is really good stuff and what I want Voyager to be about. Unfortunately Janeway ruins it in all in the final scene by saying that the rules and principles of the Federation are the best allies they can have. It's corny, sappy bullshit and doesn't address the fact that they're STILL IN DANGER in the DQ.

I wouldn't blame this crew for mutiny and you'd think that some Maquis at this point would at the very least stage a coup against Janeway. This episode would've been superb had it actually depicted the consequences of the actions of characters in this episode. Unfortunately we get every wrapped up in a smug little package.

Voyager as a series keeps doing "business as usual" and I'm starting to remember why I remember being a Niner in the 90's rather than a Voyagerian.
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