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Re: A Theoretical Physics Question

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My question is: Would current Starfleet technology (as relates to environmental control) allow the ship to invert artificial gravity at the horizontal center-line?
As I understand the way the artificial gravity work, yes. The system pull you down onto whatever section of decking you're standing above. All the decks do not have to be parallel to each other.

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you have to give it multiple components (warp drive, impulse engines, phaser banks and torpedo launchers) to allow each separate entity to survive independently in the event one or more is destroyed.
Each of the four sections would possess it's own bridge, engineering, life support, medical and weapons, however all the other facilities that a starship must also possess, living quarters, flight deck, storage holds, replicators, science labs, etc. can be divided among the four sections or only be present in one section.

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Just build multiple starships.
Where the four part MVAM ship has the advantage over four individual ships is when separated the different sections each only carry a portion of the non-combat "bulk" into battle, the four individual ships each have lug into combat everything that make for a full starship, the MVAM ship only needs everything when it's joined.

BillJ2006 wrote: View Post
You have to crew it with multiple capable command crews to work each component when the ship is in MVAM mode.
There's no need for each section to be "fully"crewed. The MVAM ship in Voyager demonstrated that sections can perform with no crew at all and while I believe that in most separated combat scenarios there would be a command/medical/engineering/damage control crew in each section, this wouldn't always be the case. In some tactical situations two or three sections might be employed in a "suicide mode" penetrating a enemy formation without any expectation of getting all the unmanned sections back (if you do, so much the better). The various sections can most likely join with with whatever other sections survives combat directly if necessary.

Again, the different sections would usually carry a crew into battle.

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