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Re: ST: Shaping a Cardassian - The Shadow of the Order

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So are your legates still military officials, and do you still have to be military to lead?
A legate in Central Command is a military member, but not in active service (they are politicians now). After resignation/stepping down/stopping being member of CC, they can return to active duty with a rank of gul and serve in the Guard. Or retire. Up to them.

To be a member of Central Command one doesn't have to be a military member. Legates have their advisers, among whom candidates to replace them are usually chosen from. Advisers can be civilians.

Currently there is at least one detarr in Central Command: Dr. Azuge'el; she's responsible for all education matters. I don't know if there are more as I didn't create names for all of them, only those that I might need in my current stories.

But to lead Central Command and the Union one has to be in the Guard. The Cardassians want to keep their military face as a tradition. The military brings safety, order and discipline, so they find it natural to be represented by a soldier.
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