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Re: Does Anyone Have a Fast Pickup and a Mercenary Team I Can Borrow?

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I really, really hope this guy claiming ownership is just making the story up. How fucking ballsy would that be? Imagine if he ends up convincing the court. Con of the Century, for sure.
As always, your unadulterated glee at the prospect of chaos inspires me. You're like my muse of bedlam.

As for Locutus' Heist of the Century, I'm in. I can prescribe all manner of anaesthetic agents with which to incapacitate any guards...
Can they be administered via blowdarts? Because that would be pretty fucking ninja.

Plus, I've always wanted to tell someone "Too bad. You could warn them... if only you spoke Hovitos." I figure the randomness of it will scare the guards into submission while they slip away to sleep.
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