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Re: Smallville: 10x08 "Abandoned" - Discussion and Spoilers

Damn straight.

So, in a weird retcon, the possessing spirit that looked like Darkseid is actually Godfrey?

I'm liking the approach of subtly introducing a team of villains that will be semi-recurring characters. Having one big bad as part of the cast for a season was too much, considering how many convoluted ways they had to come up with to involve them in B stories. That's my gripe mainly with the last season, not the 8th as much. Even the main arc episodes seemed like weird made up shit just to reach that 21 episode order. I mean, the huge buildup around the RAO tower that gets torched in like 3 seconds, and red sun powered Kryptonians? What, how, why? None of these things ended up making any sense or mattering by the end of the season.
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