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Re: ST: Shaping a Cardassian - The Shadow of the Order

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It seems he isn't very good at coping with pain. He either tries to drown it or otherwise replace it. That's not going to be good for him, if he has no way to work through things when he's on his own.
This was very rare and extreme situation. It doesn't happen often.
But sometimes yes, he has problems with coping with pain.
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Kind of like Moses, maybe?
Perhaps. I wasn't thinking about any specific parallel to Earth.
Nerys Ghemor wrote: View Post does a civilian meet the burden of proof, without access to state secrets? This sounds like an average person trying to impeach the President; it wouldn't work too well. Also, how do you prove it's not politics leading to the removal? That's a standard that could be set so high as to make it impossible...
Why do people in many Earth democracies change parties they vote for? Maybe it doesn't happen in US, but here in Poland there wasn't a political party that would create a government twice (I mean since end of Communism, so within last 21 years). After 4 years of their term (sometimes earlier, as elections before that term end are not a rarity) people don't vote for them, because they are unhappy with them. People don't need to investigate and have access to state secrets to see that what happens is not so good or satisfactory.

I imagine it works the same for Cardassians. They can see that changes implemented are not good. Maybe a nosy journalist investigates something A legate's term is long, 10 years, so if a legate is really doing harm, he or she has to be stopped before he or she does more harm.

A filed complain has to get climb a few levels from a local "town hall" and if it's a bull, it can get refused on any level. If it reaches the top third or forth level, there's organised a referendum and the people decide if they want that legate to leave or not.

It's not perfect, many people would try to abuse it, but no political system is ideal and this one doesn't pretend it is. But they try.

If a crime (eg. bribery) is proven on the way, no referendum is called and that legate must leave and answer to his/her crimes.

But something like this wouldn't happen often (didn't happen yet as of 2396), because before someone can become a member of Central Command, they have to first prove their are capable and right people for this position. Not by promising pie in the sky, as is the case with democratic elections, but by working alongside the previous legate or on any other position related to that particular "ministry". A candidate has to have history of successes in that field to be even considered. So people know what to expect and who is that person (unless that person suddenly changes his or her political views and instead of doing expected A does opposite B).
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