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Re: Welcome Fellow Trekkies! The GTD Get to Know You thread

Hi everyone names Darryl, I got involved in Trek in July (I had seen some episodes of TNG when I was younger at my nans but I wasn't really paying attention as I preferred superheroes) after a repeated viewing of 'The Voyage Home' I decided I was gonna watch the series, I bought the 1st season of TOS and loved it from the 1st episode of 'Man Trap' (the dvd listings go from the original air date, as I know now that 'Where No Man Has Gone Before' is the 1st episode but 3rd on the dvd) and quickly went through the season then season 2 and 3, I then bought the Special Collectors boxset of I-X, then proceeded to the TNG series, and after watching all of them and revisiting certain episodes and multiple viewings of the films, I can't believe its only been about 4 months since I decided to watch ST as it feels like I've watched it my whole life by the way I feel about it and the characters (Spock being my favourite). Like many I was put off ST because of the negative view of the fans portrayed by the mainstream, however have come to learn that the view of Trekkies/Trekkers is mostly false (a small minority are what the mainstream paint them as) and am proud to call myself a Trekker.

I look forward to watching DS9(I have already seen the Tribble episode and think I'll enjoy this series) and Voyager, I have heard some negative things about Enterprise, but I'll judge it myself. I've seen some of the episodes of TAS and think they are awful, mostly due to the animation but I feel I have to watch them so at some time I'm gonna.

Guess I'll end with Live Long and Prosper!

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