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Re: ST: Shaping a Cardassian - The Shadow of the Order

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He wanted to punish himself. I think he thought that physical pain would cover his emotional pain.
It seems he isn't very good at coping with pain. He either tries to drown it or otherwise replace it. That's not going to be good for him, if he has no way to work through things when he's on his own.

I figured that religion of humility could be a good way of warrior race to transform into peaceful race. They had their "Surak" to call for peace, but he did it differently. And a successful transfer of his soul into the Indurite the Skorrs took as a proof that soul and spiritual things exist and can be proven, which changed their view on the world. Alar is a kind of prophet for them ('prophet' in Earth meaning, not Bajoran).
Kind of like Moses, maybe?

Actually they are. The people have a right to remove an unwanted legate or a detarr (a name for a civilian member of Central Command) if they can prove the given legate or detarr harms the Union (by 'proof' they have to describe what is wrong, any additional evidence would strengthen their claim; the proof doesn't have to be anything special, but must be proven enough not to abuse this for political fight; other legates also have the right to remove one of their own of there's something wrong with them). Anyone, literally anyone can file a (-a clever name for the document here-) in which they call for removal of that legate/detarr, Central Command has to call for a referendum and ask the public for their opinion. If the majority wants that fellow to go away - he/she goes away. Bye bye. does a civilian meet the burden of proof, without access to state secrets? This sounds like an average person trying to impeach the President; it wouldn't work too well. Also, how do you prove it's not politics leading to the removal? That's a standard that could be set so high as to make it impossible...
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