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Re: ST: Shaping a Cardassian - The Shadow of the Order

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YAY, Latana is alive! And TWINS! That is SO not what I was expecting--I was so sure she was the one who was hurt! I'm so glad to see her alive and well.
See? And you expected the worst

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As for Sabal...I'm glad we got a look inside his mind, because I was starting to distrust him as much as Brenok, given his Obsidian Order background. It's interesting to see that there were agents who weren't so brainwashed (like Garak) that they were automatically proud of the things the Order did. I hope we won't find his body on the floor in his quarters.
Sabal was young and very naive when he volunteered to join the Obsidian Order. He was accepted thanks to his piloting skills, but he was lucky that his skills were not good enough to utilise them the way the OO initially planned. More about it soon.
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Speaking of self-torture, wow...Brenok is feeling REALLY guilty if he would deliberately inflict pain on himself.
He wanted to punish himself. I think he thought that physical pain would cover his emotional pain.
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As for Karama and seems like they do a LOT of dancing around difficult subjects. That their marriage has held together this long in spite of that is really quite something. I know I couldn't marry someone I couldn't talk freely with, that's for sure. As for Karama--does he understand why what Brenok did was bad?
They can talk freely, they just don't understand each other Seriously, she understands Cardassian way much better now, after so many years among them, so they rather exchange their opinions, not trying to convince each other who is right and who is wrong. They accept that they are so different. I think in a way they enjoy being so different. They are never bored of each other's company.
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Av'Roo's prayer...very interesting! I had forgotten the history of the Skorr, since I have never actually seen TAS for myself, and given that, I think you provide a very interesting window into what it would be like to come from a faith that had just reformed away from violent ways. True humility is where healing while my first impulse was to say that Av'Roo worries too much, given that she's been the best person on this crew so far, the fact that she doesn't see herself that way is very good.
I figured that religion of humility could be a good way of warrior race to transform into peaceful race. They had their "Surak" to call for peace, but he did it differently. And a successful transfer of his soul into the Indurite the Skorrs took as a proof that soul and spiritual things exist and can be proven, which changed their view on the world. Alar is a kind of prophet for them ('prophet' in Earth meaning, not Bajoran).

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(I'm also glad to see a Trill that didn't take marriage as lightly as Jadzia Dax did...Ronus' story was very moving!)
Ronus is not Dax for sure

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and the people will be in no position to do anything about it.
Actually they are. The people have a right to remove an unwanted legate or a detarr (a name for a civilian member of Central Command) if they can prove the given legate or detarr harms the Union (by 'proof' they have to describe what is wrong, any additional evidence would strengthen their claim; the proof doesn't have to be anything special, but must be proven enough not to abuse this for political fight; other legates also have the right to remove one of their own of there's something wrong with them). Anyone, literally anyone can file a (-a clever name for the document here-) in which they call for removal of that legate/detarr, Central Command has to call for a referendum and ask the public for their opinion. If the majority wants that fellow to go away - he/she goes away. Bye bye.

I plan to write a "translated" version of The Charter of the Cardassian Union for the Federation use; it would be shortened to the essence without Cardassian love for "speeches on paper", but it's going to include the general information on their current political system.
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