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Re: Aronofsky's Wolverine film title announced

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I really want this conversation to happen:

Secondary character: Who are you?

Logan: I'm The Wolverine

SC: Really? You've named yourself after the Wolverine?

Logan: Yeah, you know wolves and stuff.. me in the wild with the wolves.. that sort of hardcore stuff

SC: Em.. a Wolverine isn't a type of wolf, it's a weasel.

Logan: Yeah.. wolves and stuff and... what? A weasel? I'm named after a weasel?

See, this is one reason it bugs me that they cast someone as tall as Hugh Jackman in the role. Wolverine is called that because he's small and scrappy like a wolverine. As far as I know, the movies have offered no alternative explanation for why someone who's 6'3" would adopt that name.
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