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Re: ST: Shaping a Cardassian - The Shadow of the Order

YAY, Latana is alive! And TWINS! That is SO not what I was expecting--I was so sure she was the one who was hurt! I'm so glad to see her alive and well.

As for Sabal...I'm glad we got a look inside his mind, because I was starting to distrust him as much as Brenok, given his Obsidian Order background. It's interesting to see that there were agents who weren't so brainwashed (like Garak) that they were automatically proud of the things the Order did. I hope we won't find his body on the floor in his quarters.

Speaking of self-torture, wow...Brenok is feeling REALLY guilty if he would deliberately inflict pain on himself.

As for Karama and seems like they do a LOT of dancing around difficult subjects. That their marriage has held together this long in spite of that is really quite something. I know I couldn't marry someone I couldn't talk freely with, that's for sure. As for Karama--does he understand why what Brenok did was bad?

Av'Roo's prayer...very interesting! I had forgotten the history of the Skorr, since I have never actually seen TAS for myself, and given that, I think you provide a very interesting window into what it would be like to come from a faith that had just reformed away from violent ways. True humility is where healing while my first impulse was to say that Av'Roo worries too much, given that she's been the best person on this crew so far, the fact that she doesn't see herself that way is very good.

I'm glad th'Arshar and Ronus had that talk. Th'Arshar's self-sabotage was about to cause a lot of irreversible problems, just like Brenok's.

(I'm also glad to see a Trill that didn't take marriage as lightly as Jadzia Dax did...Ronus' story was very moving!)

As for their government--very interesting! That does help me somewhat when it comes to the new Union, even though I still think that the fact that the people had no say in what kind of government they wanted, and that Alon was removed by force, is a MAJOR problem. Still, they're now running into a problem that I have seen occur in the US with appointments to the president's Cabinet (or in the much clearer terms--for once --of the UK, his/her Ministry heads). In America our Cabinet heads, and certain other positions like Supreme Court justices, are named by the President and have to be confirmed by the Senate. (I'm sure you already knew that, but there it is again for anybody else who may be reading. ) Since the people can't name their own candidate, the only thing the Senate can do if they don't like the appointee--OR if they don't like the President and want to make a point about it--is to refuse to hold a vote, or just vote no on that appointee. This sometimes results in deadlock, and it can be very, very annoying.

Unfortunately, some presidents in recent years have been finding ways to go around Congress. By appointing people to be in charge of special projects or departments, who are not technically required in the Constitution to be confirmed by the Senate, they are able to take power away from those who must be confirmed and give it to unconfirmed individuals. If that continues, it isn't going to be good--though thankfully we have the power to kick out the President and Congress if they keep doing those kinds of things (as long as we bother to pay attention!). The same thing is very likely here, since there is no way for the people to do anything but say "no" to the limited choices they're given. Jarol, as a "founding mother," is probably not likely to do the kind of dirty trick I just suggested. But someone will come up with that idea once they get frustrated enough, and next thing you know, your legates (and are they admirals, or politicians?) will become figureheads like the old Detapa Council...not the ones really pulling the strings...and the people will be in no position to do anything about it. (And if your True Way gets the sense to stop the assassinations and do some political maneuvering instead...)
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