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Re: Aronofsky's Wolverine film title announced

Christopher wrote: View Post
I've said it before, I'll say it again: sequel titles that are just the previous movie title followed by a number are lame. The Wolverine isn't much better, but it least it avoids the number syndrome.

Besides, Wolverine 2 would be as illogical a title as Rambo III, because the first film wasn't called Wolverine, it was called X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

And what do they mean, not a sequel? Just that it won't be directly referencing any events or plotlines from the previous movie? Or that it will be in a different continuity altogether despite having the same star? It sounds like just a bit of spin control to distance themselves from the previous film.
What Aronosfky means is that The Wolverine isn't a sequel in the traditional sense, meaning it won't directly reference the events of the first film but it probably won't outright contradict the events of the first film, either. You can probably go into watching The Wolverine without having seen X-Men Origins: Wolverine and have no problem comprehending the story.

T'Baio wrote: View Post
He is called "The Wolverine" all the time in the comics...I fucking love it! And the fact that he lost his memory at the end of "Origins" makes it so easy to continue on with no connection to that previous piece of shit and yet still have it make sense within the story. You can "forget" about Origins the same way the character does!

Aronofsky, McQuarrie, Jackman, Libatique, hopefully Mansell et al are making my pants bulge.
I agree. The film is shaping up so well I'm just immeasurably excited. It's hard to think at least two movies ago we were getting hacks like Brett Ratner directing these movies, and now we have big name talents like Matthew Vaughn, Darren Aronosfky, and of course Bryan Singer.

This along with X-Men: First Class is getting me excited about X-Men movies again. Honestly, I know this sounds almost blasphemousness considering my reputation, but I'm quite possibly looking forward to both The Wolverine and X-Men: First Class more than The Dark Knight Rises at this point.

Darren Aronosfky directing a Wolverine film starring Hugh Jackman, written by Christopher McQuarrie, shot by Matthew Libatique, and possibly scored by Clint Mansell is just inconceivably amazing. It's an exciting time to be an X-Men fan.
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