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Re: DEXTER Season 5 Discussion & Spoilers

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And whatever happened to LaGuerta's belief that Doakes was innocent? If she thought that, then the Bay Harbor Butcher is someone else who works for her! Doesn't that ever bother her even one little bit?
From my recollection (when she was collecting money for his funeral) I think she compartmentalized the two sides of Doakes in so that he was the bay harbour butcher who was bad but mutually exclusive from Doakes the cop were the same people, or possibly that he was a good man up till the point he was a bad man divided by a line in his personal timeline.

It's how Young Zod the clone in Smallville last year was seen as a hero and saviour because that's who he was cloned from before he became the dick who destroyed Krypton and the asshat who tried to cornhole planet earth.

(Or in the real world.)

Y'know like how George Bush Snr's best bud Saddam didn't get along with his "nephew" Georgie Junior in later years but you still can't argue how the moustachioed dictator stood up for America in the war against Iran no matter what he would come to do in the "future" or not do and be Ozwalded into taking the blame for.
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