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Re: Star Trek: Voyager - A Marathon Re-visit.

PROTOTYPE - 2x13 - 3/5

First off I REALLY like the opening perspective of this episode and I would've liked to have seen perhaps this whole episode play out through the perspective of 3947.

Anyway, yet again Neelix proves that he should shutup. The problem with Neelix is that I like him when he's being the experienced rogue trader dispensing knowledge and advice to the crew in regards to potential conflicts or dealings with alien races. He annoys the god damn shit out of me as this supposed Wise Sage Galley Chef, which at best comes off as Sesame Street and at worst, makes him appear to be a moron.

Just like the previous episode, 'Resistance', 'Prototype' suffers from being watered down, but this time it's with swathes of technobabble. In fact pretty much every piece of dialogue between the end of the opening credits and when the robot wakes up is irrelevant. They are just sciency words being said which could all be replaced with: "BLAH BLAH BLAH SCIENCE" and you would get the same amount of information and plot development from those scenes. I just want it all be over so we can get onto the story.

Once things do get a move on, I find that the scenes between BLT and 3947 are pretty good and probably the best aspects of the episode. I also like the plot as it's revealed: that both the creator races have been killed by each others creations, which now continue to fight forever.

And the episode ends well, with no solution being found. But the lead up to getting there was fairly dry thanks to technobabble. I finished the ep thinking that some sort of follow up encounter with these robots would've been interesting, but I guess we've got the Borg for that. :P

Also I find Mulgrew's pre-act-break line: "...SOME SORT OF ROBOTIC WAR.", so unintentionally hilarious I had to pause from laughing too much.
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