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Re: Star Trek: Voyager - A Marathon Re-visit.

RESISTANCE - 2x12 - 3/5

This episode could have been something amazing had the attention been focused on Janeway's relationship with Caylem, a man who has been driven to senility over the denial of losing his wife and daughter through what he sees as his on action/inaction. The exploration of the indignity he suffers every day under this cruel, militant regime and his mental substitution of Janeway as his daughter is where this episode needed to focus its attention.

Unfortunately this gets watered down by the prison bust/rescue stuff and whilst the pairing of BLT and Tuvok is a nice combination, it's not really substantial enough. Again, had there been more detailed scenes between them. There could've been more emotional impact to this episode.

Instead we get some fairly formulaic stuff with Voyager dealing with the bad military guy stuff, though there are some nice touches like the continuing of Voyager's bad reputation spreading throughout the DQ.

This episode is good, but not great.
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