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Re: Some speculation about the Romulans and the Borg invasion

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A quantum singularity is microscopic, extremely low in mass. It can only "draw in" things that get extremely close to it. You could probably send a quantum-singularity "bullet" clear through a Borg cube, but the damage would be little worse than a micrometeoroid would inflict, just a bunch of small puncture holes. And that's assuming a comparatively large quantum singularity, large enough to be useful as a power source (assuming the power is generated by dumping stuff in and harnessing the resultant x-ray emissions -- which calls for a singularity large enough to draw in more than the occasional subatomic particle that gets too close).
Hmm. What about Hawking radiation? Maybe a Romiulan singularity-equipped warbird's self-destruct routine would mean that the warbird would stop feeding the singularity with the result it would explosively decay?

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