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Re: JMS Quits Superman & Wonder Woman

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As for those not liking his new storylines; you did read the part where those stories will be finished as he intended? The only thing he's not going to be doing is writing the actual scripts. The stories will still be his.
Personally, I kinda hope the first issue of Chris Roberson's Superman begins with Superman saying, "Fuck this walking shit. I could be home in Metropolis having some nookie with my wife." Whereupon he flies back to Metropolis and this "Grounded" nonsense comes to an end.
Now I haven't been reading this, but couldn't he just do that at the end of each day? Superman? Superspeed? You know, go on his America walk in shifts. Maybe while Lois is in the office anyway.

I did read a blog review of Superman: Earth One that just excoriated it. The basic premise was that almost no single panel in the entire work was original or even worthwile. Made me laugh, 'cause this guy's usually pretty nice. Even did a praising write-up of Blackest Night, the deluded goof.

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