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Re: NCC-1701 USS Enterprise Deck by Deck - WIP

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That looks suspiciously like the wall-mounted corridor machinery!
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Fascinating havoc92. I haven't gotten to the point of making conference room parts yet but I'm curious on how you measured out the table. (If it's a source that can save me time...)
Mr. Scott's guide to the Enterprise. There's a drawing of it in there with a rough measure guide in feet (for once). Overall length comes to about 11.75 ft. Some of the measures aren't that clear; so, I used some geometry skills to pin down the tricky spots. But that's my best ref so far.

And here's an update:

A little more progress on the conference table..

There is next to nothing out there in way of schematics for much of the equipment; so, a lot of this is being done
with guesswork and the like. It's a little maddening; but, getting there..
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