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Re: The Dark Knight to have a female villain?

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The main reason I don't care for Ra's and Talia as villains is their plans always seem remarkably dumb - the very epitome of overly convoluted, cliche comic book villain crap complete with pompous, posturing monologues.
Which brings me back to 'Liam Neeson made it work'.

A monologue about how corrupt the world is and you've got to fix it, well, it's far too easy to go into righteous fanaticism territory. Liam Neeson makes his grandiose aims and terrorist plans seem calm and sensible, or at least is able to present himself as such. He's almost unassuming about it: This violence is how you fix things, I'm going ahead with it, probably not a good idea to get in my way, waiter get me the check. I think with the wrong casting Ra's al Ghul could have been a pretty weak villain in that movie.

I dunno. Skimming Wikipedia there's something vageuly silly about the guy. The sinister foreigner who is sinister and ancient and has an evil plan.
'Spock is always right, even when he's wrong. It's the tone of voice, the supernatural reasonability; this is not a man like us; this is a god.'
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