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RAMA, out of curiosity, what is your diet like?

As much as I always want to bulk up, I am so lazy when it comes to cooking that I tend to not eat as much as I should.

That said, I'm actually making more progress this time around than I have in years. I've stopped drinking, and that has made a world of difference.

I eat 6 times a day and in larger quantities, about 4800-5000 cals a day..being fairly clean but not anal about it. Eating lots of meat as usual. I let myself drink some egg nog (high in protein but also in fat), more wheat bread, more potatoes. Way more wheat pasta than usual. I've been making wheat protein pancakes for breakast. I also have lots of eggs(egg whites). In short, carbs are increased. I am cooking more than ever.

I'm expecting to get a 465+ bench by Sunday.
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