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Re: Would it really matter if the next Trek series were on linear TV?

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Since most TrekBBS members here are actual fans of the show would it really matter if the next Trek series were on linear TV?
Yes, because that's the only way something like Star Trek is going to get a fair shake, the online distribution can reach some people, but not the masses the networks will want. My father is a good example, he likes Star Trek and the movies, spin-offs, etc... and will watch it when it's on TV (or when he finds it, rather), but it's unlikely he'd stream it. He knows the medium is there for TOS, and several other shows (and even reasonably comerical free) that he likes, he just does not stream.

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If I couldn't watch it on TV I aleady pay for, I'd wait for DVDs thru Netflix. I already pay enough for TV and I'm not adding another dime. I can get everything I want thru my cable or Netflix.
Yeah, I know several people that are like that as well, and in someways, I can't blame them, as the streaming is a pain in the ass and under this guideline, would be an extra expense.

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These days on's Video on Demand service offers a 'season pass'.
some shows are $.94 while others are $2.84 per episode.

Let's compare 2 other 60 minute dramas:
iTunes offers Desperate Housewives for $.99 for a 48-hour rental,
$2.99/episode for HD purchase
or $49.99 for a season pass while another show Glee is $57.99 for a season pass.

If the next Trek series were not broadcast on a linear TV channel in the USA I'm guessing the above would cost the same.
Even if it were syndicated-only I think the price would still be the same cost as above.
Anything with a trek name on the label will often be charged for more then non trek, even under the same format and business model. Take a look at season sets on DVD, when they first game out, they were over 100 dollars, US. Most other seasons I saw were around 50-60. Good bet, that even under this guideline and approach, a season pass of Trek would be 100+, and the per episode price would likely be several dollars at a time as well.

Given at how unstable the streaming can still be, I can see why others are already saying no. I'd be pissed off like none seen before, if i paid that kind of money and half the episodes were not working properly.
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