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That's not bad.

I would love a new show with Smallville/Legion Of Superheroes and S1 takes place in Smallville...Clark is a sophomore not a freshman with Legionaries in the back ground and S2 Clark would become aware of them and they would work together in Clark's time and S3 would be Clark's senior year it would focus more on Smallville type stuff with a 31st century threat looming and Clark graduating and S4 Clark would be in the 31st Century helping the Legion with various things and the big threat hinted at the end of S3. S5 would jump forward and he is in his senior year at college...and that season would take place in the past and future with the big bad being Imperiex and end with Clark becomeing Superman in his time...but he has worn the \S/uit in the future with the L* in S4. I would only want it to be 5 seasons...and every ep be balls to the wall exciting...with no filler.
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