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Re: The Big Bang Theory

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Even if they wrote the broken leg into the show,why would Penny use the robot? Why would Sheldon even let her near the controls?
ok so lets try and be creative rather than stack up problems

Lets say that Penny has to leave down, to look after her parents or something, but misses the gang, so she talks Sheldon into setting it up so that she can operate the robot from where she is, that way she does not miss out on hanging out with the gang.

another idea, Penny is for some reason confinded to her apartment, and uses the robot to communcaite with the outside world.

As for why Sheldon would allow it, well it can be pitched as an experiment, of some kind.
As Professor Zoom pointed out, it would run counter to what we know of Penny and Sheldon's characters. Penny can barely drive a car safely, so I doubt Sheldon would trust her with his robot. And Sheldon is not known for sharing or playing well with others.

Since the actress wasn't in the episodes filmed at the time of/after the accident, I think its safe to assume she wasn't avaiable for filming of any kind.
Yeah. It would make more sense, if, for example, she couldn't leave her apartment, for the gang to just come across the hall and "invade" her place. That would be more inline with the characters and still create a comedic conflict.

I feel like Penny would roll her eyes if offered the robot.
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