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Re: The Photoshop Thread, Part IV

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^ That's awesome!

My only suggestion might be to move one of his feet, to make it less like Spock's.

Maybe the one on Troi's side. You could rotate the booted part toward her a bit to widen his stance.
Thank you, Brian. You make a good point. I had been thinking his feet were OK as-is, because of the contrast difference on his right leg (overlapping dark shadow as opposed to the bright wall) and the far distance from the original. But yeah, it's not a lot of work to do a little more differentiation, so might as well. Also... I realized I hadn't finished with the shadows underneath the chair. Looks a bit wrong--got to fix that.

Jeez, just when you thought the work was done... I think I'll be editing this image a lot longer than I originally anticipated. (hmmm... maybe put Riker in place of McCoy? )
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