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Re: Are We Returning to the 90's??? DC Teases Doomsday Will Reign!!!

Love Batman, yes. Submit her own identity to his, that's weak. Like I said in the other thread, Talia ought to have a point beyond either pining for Batman or being used by her father or her sister (or Darkseid or whoever). It's kind of like this: Bruce doesn't spend all day thinking about Talia, but Talia evidently spends all day thinking about Bruce, and that's a little bit sexist, and a lot lazy.

Anyway, I think I liked her best when she was the only part of Alex Luthor's Society besides Deathstroke whose opinion mattered. She didn't get to do a whole heck of a lot (unless getting the crap beaten out of her by sub-Barda, ex-Female Fury, New God Knockout counts). But at least it seemed like she was working for her own agenda--that is, literally conquering the world.

...And rarely mentioning Batman, just like a normal, well-adjusted would-be dictatrix might. Maybe more like Scandal Savage, a rather similar character, except not inept (or, presumably, gay).

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