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Re: JMS Quits Superman & Wonder Woman

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My only concerns with Earth One had to do with wondering how Superman could possibly keep his identity secret in a universe in which Clark Kent has proven so superhumanly strong/smart in so many Metropolis professions. I also wonder about Clark's abiity to solve that scientific problem prior to his access to Kryptonian educational technologies (unless the ship has been shooting some info. into his subconscious).

Count me as one of the few who enjoyed Grounded, by the way.
I'm just wonder how Clark even got some of these job interviews. Having been on both sides of the interview table I cant see how Clark could even get a call back, much less an interview without a killer resume with the appropriate background, training and qualifications. Even for a minimum wage entry level postion you dont walk in off the street and score an interview with the Boss/President/Founder/whatever.
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