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Re: The Photoshop Thread, Part IV

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Beverly Crusher and Troi both look great in the second version. I just think Kirk's proportions are a bit off. The torso looks like it was taken from a standing pose. How would it look if you copy Spock's torso and legs and flop the image, then match Kirk's jacket color? Also there should be a shadow under Kirk's feet.
Actually, I think Crusher's body should be enlarged a little... remember, McFadden is a pretty tall lady. But yeah you're right, I got Kirk's torso from a standing position. I couldn't find a still shot of him sitting that could be used in this scene. I like your idea though, of just taking Spock's body and doing a little modification to distinguish it from the original.

Gary Mitchell wrote: View Post
I like it.
Thanks! I... wonder why.

WillsBabe wrote: View Post
I really want to watch a couple of episodes of this show!
Heh, me too! I have to believe that someday they'll be able to completely digitally model entire episodes and be able to insert/remove characters at will. So long after the actors have passed on, they'll be recreated in new episodes as if they're still active at the same age they once were. Writers will craft new screenplays and the "directors" will use advanced software to create the video with actor models following all of the scripted action and emotion, as if done by the real actors. We may even see this in our lifetimes.
Remembering Ensign Mallory.
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