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Re: Are We Returning to the 90's??? DC Teases Doomsday Will Reign!!!

Mr Light wrote: View Post
Bane's initial return appearances, what little I've seen of them, were lame, but I'm enjoying him on Secret Six. They found a good niche for the character.
Yeah, Bane's actually pretty cool these days.

Maybe if they put Doomsday on the Six, I'll change my opinion of him, too.

But, really, I think Bane always had a lot more potential, as a concept, than Doomsday. Bane spoke, for example. Plus there's always room in the world for a Mexican (or Santa Priscan*) wrestler who breaks backs.

*It's kind of weird/sad how Bane is probably DC's, and maybe even superhero genre's, most prominent Hispanic character, and Bane comes from a fictional country. (Yeah--Kyle Rayner's Mexiretcon doesn't really count, and Jaime Reyes is not that famous, given that about eight people bought his comic.)

Admiral_Young wrote:
Batman ultimately beat him this time in their rematch and reinforced Talia's love for him.
You know, maybe I was wrong. Maybe Talia really had always been written this way. : /

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