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Babylon 5 Telepath Wars, this is how it starts...

For those of you who've read the Telepath Trilogy, this won't come as too much of a surprise. As the first book's burb reads:

The year is 2115. Shock waves follow in the wake of astonishing news: science has proven the existence of telepaths.
In the book, it turns out that suddenly, out of the blue, in those randomized psychology experiments, there suddenly emerge genuine, bona fide telepaths.

Well, it's all fun and games, until this shit gets real:

knowledge of unpredictable future events ... the fringe phenomenon is about to get a mainstream airing: a paper providing evidence for its existence has been accepted for publication by the leading social psychology journal.

What's more, sceptical psychologists who have pored over a preprint of the paper say they can't find any significant flaws

Begun, the Telepath Wars, have.
trust in the harper.
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