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Re: SG-U The Greater Good - (2x07) - (Discuss Grade | SPOILERS)

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- - Robert Knepper has been criminally underused.
That's nothing. Jamil Walker Smith has been criminally underused and he has been on every episode. This series has a problem with underusing some of its better talent.

- Brody and Volker deserve better than to be naysayers to a couch potato like Eli.
Couldn't agree more. I love those characters and perhaps that's in part because they do not come with a vocal, annoying fanbase who whine about the characters' love lives and refer to female characters who reject them as selfish b*****s. Enough of Eli and his love life.

And no one was guarding her door, why?
Because Perry was not a member of the Lucian Alliance. She was after all allowed to roam the ship freely without any escort so why would she all of a sudden have a guard at her door?
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