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Re: The Dark Knight to have a female villain?

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Why is the notion of Catwoman fitting in the Nolanverse so hard to believe?
Or to put it another way:
How is that even possible?

I don't understand how someone can think a guy in a batsuit fits the Nolan films but not a girl in a catsuit. It's a total dissonance.

Catwoman is actually a pretty decent character, but on the other hand, not really a villain to hang a film on, because she's not opposed to Batman, really, they just kind of get in each other's way. Also, there's not much thematic power in "big buy beats up a woman who likes to steal shit." Fetish material, yes, but no thematic power.
She's ideal because she's an uninhibited Batman. Batman is going into a phase where he's a despised vigilante rather then a beloved one, and here's someone who actually uses underhanded tactics to the point that maybe Batman feels a need to take her out.

Cue arguments about the nature of justice in really growly voice and it's a wrap, people.

Poison Ivy was mentioned, but let's not kid ourselves, she's fundamentally a B-list Bat-villain. B+, at best.
Wait and this Talia isn't a B-lister?
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