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Re: Star Ship Polaris

I've been struggling with the details of the main engines. Then, weird as it may sound, I had a sort of vision just as I was drifting off to sleep a couple of nights ago. When I got home from work the following day, I drew this:

This evening, I started blocking out the rough shapes in 3D:

If I get the time this weekend, I'll try to detail those out and optimize them.

I just discovered in the course of this evening's events that I seem to have lost a bunch of the concept sketches I've done for the Polaris. I've got project files scattered all over four different computers right now so maybe they're just stashed away somewhere and I haven't relocated them yet, but I'm starting to worry they got inadvertantly deleted somewhere along the line. That includes the most recent 3/4 views of the Polaris with the sails in their open and closed positions, etc. I have the copies that are on my blog server, but those are low-res JPGs, not the original Painter and Photoshop files. I'm going to be seriously annoyed if they're gone for good.
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