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Re: Would it really matter if the next Trek series were on linear TV?

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I'd be willing to pay if I were allowed to download the episode.

$1 per episode isn't bad. I don't think I would go higher than $3 per episode.

At any rate, I'd like to see Trek back on a mainstream network before hoping for any schemes like these.
After thinking about it Paramount / CBS is charging roughly
$3.00 per episode for the DVD sets. I would not pay to just stream a show, I would pay maybe $1 to $3 for a download that I could save on my computer or a disc. What I would really like is direct to DVD at a price that is in the same range as other hour long TV shows.
WB sells its DTV animated movies for $20-$30 depending on the edition. Thats for a 70 minute animated movie.

MGM sold the SG1s DTVs for $15/$40 DVD/BD. That was 98 minutes of live action.

If Star Trek were to go DTV(which it won't), you need to expect it to be in a similar price range. That's the only way to even begin to justify the costs of producing it.
That means you're looking at $18 to $25 per 45 minute episode (depending on format). Good luck getting that one to fly.
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