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Re: The Big Bang Theory

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I just started Modern Family last night. We watched 3 episodes so far. It's alright. I laugh a few times. But it's nowhere near the level of 30 Rock or Office or anything like that. I don't get the praise.
It helps that I wasn't expecting much when I first watched the premiere, I watched a sneak preview online before it aired and so there hadn't been any reviews or praise yet. I was hooked by the Lion King scene where he holds the baby in the air...I was literally rolling on the floor laughing when I saw that, it was so perfect. And the show has continued to impress me, not because the story lines are all that original, but because of specific moments in the show that just excite uncontrollable laughter in me. And I would have agreed with you about The Office a few years ago, but it hasn't been making me laugh out loud all that much in the past couple of seasons.

Anyway, back to Big Bang Theory...Kaley Cuoco was written out of two episodes entirely and mostly out of a third one because of her leg injuries (horseriding incident), but I can honestly say I didn't really notice her absence right away. I think the show was still pretty great without her. She does make a nice addition though.
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