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Re: The Dark Knight to have a female villain?

Admiral Young wrote:
How is Morrison's Talia sexist exactly? I think he's written her as being arrogant, superior, elitist and she is all of those things. I detected no difference in his Talia than how she's been written anywhere else.
Obsessed with being with Batman, to the point of mania. It was dreadfully off-putting.

Now, bear in mind I'm basing this off what I've read in the Batman and Son trade. Her brief appearance in Batman RIP wasn't much of anything substantial. My collection of Morrisonian Batman is patchy, largely because I keep trying to like it (because Morrison is, ordinarily, the shit), but I keep failing to do so.

Anyway, some sample lines to show you what I mean:

"You know I always get what I want, beloved. And what I want is you. I want us to fulfill my father's wishes and be a family [...] Join me and I promise I'll never threaten civilization again."

And Batman brushes her off and:

"Then it's war. And you're responsibile. My dear detective, my mad, bilionaire, brilliant genius with your secret hideouts [did Grant Morrison think we forgot which comic we were reading? shit, I thought this was about that guy from Krypton with the glasses, and further unnecessary description], your double life and your Justice League membership... it's not over."

Like, seriously? This is what all those cyphers in masks are going to die for? Talia al Ghul's loneliness? That's horrid.

Is she like that everywhere? Jeez.

On the plus side, Damian is great. I don't know why people were saying he sucked. He's easily the best thing in Morrison's Batman run. Little dude is friggin' hilarious.

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