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Re: SG-U The Greater Good - (2x07) - (Discuss Grade | SPOILERS)

- So after all of last week’s episode, Young is still dithering?
- Where could Eli be hiding in that room that he can fit?
- “I need to keep an eye on him” – if you had done that while he was on Destiny, you would’ve been a lot better off.
- “I can’t from here!” – you’ve been on the ship for ten seconds and you know that?
- Robert Knepper has been criminally underused.
- About time these people figured out Rush has been playing them all.
- The insane power hungry doctor and the depressed quick to anger Colonel: who do you follow?
- So Destiny’s mission is to find God?
- Brody and Volker deserve better than to be naysayers to a couch potato like Eli.
- This episode seems to me to signal the end of the petty bickering on this ship and I for one welcome this.
- And no one was guarding her door, why?
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