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Re: Are We Returning to the 90's??? DC Teases Doomsday Will Reign!!!

Man, Doomsday is spent. Like, besides the facts that a six or eight-issue fistfight royale ending in Superman's death can only be done to any effect once--and that that's all Doomsday is good for--the last time I saw him with my own eyes, in Infinite Crisis, he got taken down in the space of a single double-page splash.*

Maybe DD was a threat back when Kryptonians were Byrnized and not yet back at their Silver Age power levels, but it's hard to take someone seriously after such a severe anticlimactic punking.

And according to Wikipedia there's a bit where Superman just straight-up kicked his ass pretty much by himself (plus, granted, the not inconsiderable help of the Martian Manhunter). And also gave him a speech about getting in touch with his feelings or some shit.

What a superior villain. : /

*Which was pretty damn bogus if you read Villains United, where he's built up as being the most fearsome thing there was in the Society's army. Good coordination there.

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