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Re: Holly Valance: Genre babe of the week #41 (Nov. 2010)

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Hint for the next GBOW (don't answer directly):

"What about you? Any revelations? Any ideas what you'll do next?"
"Uh, yeah, a few."
"If you say pilot the Millennium Falcon, I will hit you."
"Uh, why would I say that? That's absurd. I'm going to be a ninja assasin."
"No! Try again."
"Um. Olympic..."
"Uh Uh."
"Secret agent."
"This is what happens when you sit in front of the television set too long."

An interesting choice... I haven't seen her in anything besides the show she's on so will be interested in the pics.

BTW- I am gonna suggest a few Stargate Universe ladies for future consideration.

Kathleen Munroe
Elyse Levesque
Julie McNiven
Alisen Down

all quite beautiful women worthy of GBOW status. :>))
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