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Re: Minecraft

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The laughably poor graphics kind of grow on you after a while. It is really a lot of fun once you get accustomed to it, but it depends on whether you like very self-directed games with no set goals.
Well, that's the sandbox game genre Could be there will be a way to "win" in Survival mode at some point, too.

The graphics are laughably poor on purpose, I think. The tools are intentionally giant 3D versions of their pixel sprites, for one thing. It's a style thing I think the game would lose a lot of its charm if it was modern-looking.

Texture packs like the Painterly Pack keep that old-school charm in the game while providing slightly better (not as saturated) textures, IMO. And Notch just hired a new artist, so the default textures might get a bit of a boost as well.
Yeah, although Notch has said the texture resolution won't be increased at all. That's fine with me. I'd like to see some performance boosting rather than graphical upgrades, to be honest.
Five stars!
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