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Re: JMS Quits Superman & Wonder Woman

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I too originally think that "Grounded" should have been one short opening arc and and then get on with the business of Superman protecting the world. I think JMS likes to bring too much politics and issues into his work sometimes when it just needs to be what it is. "Wonder Woman" lost me after the first issue. Morrison didn't even use her new costume in Return of Bruce Wayne #6 which I found hilarious.
One thing that bothered me about the new direction of Wonder Woman was that it didn't seem to affect the rest of the DCU. I mean, Wonder Woman is a tentpole character and if Themyscira (sp) gets destroyed, the Amazons almost all wiped out, and Wonder Woman disappears, I would think it would get a major reaction from the Justice League or the world. Perhaps since it was supposed to be an alternate reality, parallel universe or whatever, that Wonder Woman's memory had been erased from the 'real' DCU, but I think that was left too vague and I wish more had been done to actually show how heroes would react to her not being around. I think that's a great story device sometimes to show a character's impact through others' reactions. I think Kristin Beyer used it to great effect in the Full Circle novel for example. I really didn't like or get Janeway until I read that book.
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