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Re: Minecraft

I've been steadily taking pictures of my activities in my current MC world. I'll get around to posting pictures, eventually. Last night I stumbled upon a lava cave while exploring/expanding my massive underground cave complex. I created several exits to the surface, one of which goes straight down to the lava area. I mined some obsidian and made a portal. I have to say I didn't find the Nether very impressive, although the sound the Ghasts make is just evil. Didn't see any pigmen and didn't stick around to get killed. I will probably go back to get some lightstone now that I've read you can mine it with your bare hands. I will probably grab myself a few stacks of netherstone and mud, too, for building purposes. I like some variety in my structures and my all-wood house is looking a bit dull. Maybe netherstone walls...
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