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Re: Movies Seen in 2010

Oh, GAMER. I gave it a C when I saw it earlier this year, but that was probably being too generous.

255. Riverís Edge [A]
256. Under Siege [D+]
257. The Hour of the Wolf [B-]

River's Edge: For some reason, this brilliant and well-reviewed movie about a teenager who commits murder and how the effect this has on his friends and the town they live in isn't available on DVD. That's too bad, because it still holds up. Even Keanu Reeves fits right in playing an attractive, but very alienated (from his family and ultimately from his friends) high schooler. The manic performances by Crispin Glover and the late Dennis Hopper are also excellent--really, it's better to see them then for me to try and explain them.

Under Siege: Steven Seagal was, for some odd reason, briefly considered to be an A-list action star when this film was released. I don't know why, since his performance is laughable, and the film is just ridiculous. Many of the actors (including Tommy Lee Jones) re-appeared in director Andrew Davies' THE FUGITIVE a year later, which is good for them, because their performances are just embarrassing here. At times the action is passable, but only at times. And what are actors like Bernie Casey even doing here? They're gone before someone can say, hey, isn't that the guy from...

The Hour of the Wolf: This is only the third Bergman film I've had the chance to see (the others being PERSONA and SMILES OF A SUMMER NIGHT, both of which I thought were excellent), so I've yet to form an opinion about the filmmaker. It took awhile to become engaged by the proceedings (in the first 45 minutes, there are two standout scenes--a dinner party in which Bergman masterfully manipulates us into feeling as out of place and enclosed as Max von Sydow's character, and a hypnotic scene where a fishing trip ends in murder--but not much else), but once Bergman engages in all out surrealism, I was onboard. From that point on, it's more unsettling than almost anything else I've seen. Not to mention, hard to describe.
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