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Re: What games are you playing currently?

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Damn you for reminding me of Halo 1 for Mac, now I'll have to buy that as well even though I don't own any Apple products

Well, as for what's wrong with the port... oh boy. Where do I start?

- Gamepad users automatically get a certain amount of auto-aim
- Mouse/Keyboard users are unable to comfortably increase mouse sensitivity (even the highest setting feels way too low if you want to play hi-sense)
- In-game menus keep prompting you to press the "A" or "B" Xbox controller buttons
- Framerate issues keep cropping up even on powerful systems

And don't get me started on Games for Windows LIVE/Xbox LIVE integration (though to be fair, strictly speaking that's not a console-to-PC port issue).
The LIVE integration is probably what annoyed me the most about playing Halo 2 on the PC. Perhaps it would have been less annoying if I didn't care about getting the achievements, but I ended up having to replay a lot of the game every time my progress got out of sync with where LIVE thought I should be.

I haven't played any other LIVE supported games on my PC, so I'm not sure how common that sort of thing is.

I've mostly been playing Fallout New Vegas lately. The main story hasn't really grabbed me so far, but I'm finding I'm enjoying this game even more than Fallout 3 so far. Especially with not having the repetitive Metro locations, and the faction rep. I always intend to play these sorts of games over with another character but never do. With rep and having more quests available to only one side or another, I might actually do it this time. Crafting is pretty cool, but I haven't done much of it.

I'm taking a small break from it to finish some of the others I'd been working on previously, like Medal of Honor. I might finally get around to finishing the Modern Warfare campaign finally.

I also got a Kinect this week, which has been a lot of fun. I got it with Kinect Sports, which is still unopened, and Your Shape: Fitness Evolved. I was pretty excited for the latter since my original intent for picking up the Kinect was to get more exercise (and without spending a large portion of my time trying to get it to detect my movements properly like always happens when I use EA Active Sports on the Wii), but I've been finding I'm playing Kinect Adventures a lot more.

Your Shape also seems to not be reading me as accurately as Adventures (or Adventures isn't as picky?) I'm not sure if it's the Kinect, the game or what. The first time I tried it, it cut off my feet. The second time, it read my feet, but cut off the top of my head. It wasn't really an issue where you just follow along with the AI instructor movements, but it did make playing some of the games a little difficult where you have to kick or step on the right area. I'm hoping EA Active Sports 2 will be better.

I'm not sure how great the Kinect will be long term, but I'm having a blast with it so far. I even ordered Dance Central, which I never thought I would do.
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