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Re: NCC-1701 USS Enterprise Deck by Deck - WIP

Mytran, Yeppers. And Gebirg, it appears that those mounted panels may actually be pullouts. I always kinda figured these were just a form of wall art to break up the spaces and inject some color into the visual diet instead of just vast swaths of grey. That seems to be correct in that they have no obvious functional parts.
And a look at a busy box from the Defiant (Enterprise final season)
shows one of these panels with just such a plant on unit ...

And CDR6, Thank you. I've got a tad over 2 years invested in spare time at this point. Still going..


Been a busy bee today.. as per usual.
So, how's about a closeup and we'll pull out a little ...

And a little rotation ..

Still basic. The Conference table needs the computer, monitor, button sets and
data cartridge slots added; But, given the amount of work that went into getting
accurate measurements for the table.. a good day's effort IMHO.

Time for some sleep!
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