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This is the house I cleaned up (the owner posted the picture on the server's thread). It was quite tricky as there was source blocks all along the inside and outside walls.

Robert Maxwell wrote: View Post
All this griefer business is what's putting me off from even attempting SMP. If I jumped onto a server I doubt I would build anything for fear of some jackass wrecking it while I'm asleep.
If you build with cobblestone, it's not so bad as it doesn't catch fire. The ground floor of my house was heavily damaged one day, but it only took me five minutes to repair it as I had plenty of cobblestone and wood in my inventory. The trickiest things for me to repair are my redstone lights on my tower.

Lindley wrote: View Post
Someone needs to organize an in-game militia with guard shifts or something.
You need to be a mod to do anything effective against the griefers, ordinary users can't do anything except repair the damage. The problem with this particular server is that there's normally no mods at night, so some guys can log on and cause havoc over several hours. An Australian guy offered to be a mod so that he can patrol during those hours, but I don't know if anything has happened with that offer.

They're tightening on the exploits being used by the griefers, the worst problem on there today was some idiot posting offensive signs everywhere. But the griefers will probably find new exploits in time.

Robert Maxwell wrote: View Post
On SMP, does everyone spawn in the same location? Once PvP is available, and if it's totally unfettered, I could see griefing on PvP servers becoming very short-lived. You'd have to stage a substantial "invasion" if you wanted to be able to do much damage.
Everyone spawns in the same location, but when you log out and back in again, you respawn where you were when you logged out. There's also the ability to set a home location so that you can warp there from anywhere on the map (although I think that might be a mod installed on the server). I don't know how things will work when dying is introduced, presumably there'll be a mod that will allow you to respawn in your home rather than the communal spawn.

It will get better when Notch tightens up the inventory, because that's being controlled on the client right now rather than on the server. Flint and steal and water buckets are disabled on this server, but these guys are hacking fire and water into their inventory and placing them in the world. Once the inventory is stored on the server, it should be harder to hack these things into the game. They'll still be able to destroy blocks, but they'll need to spend time on the server making tools before they'd be able to do that.
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