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Re: USS Grandeur - One... More... Time!

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Why bother with some flimsy hatch cover? The point of putting the pods behind hatches in the first place was to protect them from damage. At least that was the rationale. The real reason is because I don't like the look of escape pods encrusting the hull like barnacles.

Those hatch covers have to be armored or there is no point in having them at all.
To me we are talking about flimsy covers because we want to hide the actual pods due to our artistic need to do so, not for some defense purposes.

Hiding the pods behind a blast door just seems to complex to function correctly when needed to work. Hell, half the time the enemies first shot takes out warp power and main power with it. Id Imagen the power to explode the blast door would be buried somewhere in redundant systems but how often does the self-destruct fail?

a general artistic outline of the pod on the surface with an armored escape pod may work rather well as noted above.

What about duplicating that grill design behind deck 3 and use that as the pod cover. add some glowing lights under the grill and each grill could open individually from the other pod grills.
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