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I couldn't log on most of yesterday because I had to wait for the server to update to the version Notch released. When I finally got on late last night, I saw that there was another griefer attack, but this time they flooded most of the map (as in that video froot linked to. There was no physical damage, but getting rid of water from the top of my tower was a pain as it took me ages to get up there against the current. I lost some redstone from the flashing lights I had on the tower, but that was the only real loss.

People are still dealing with some leftover water today. I was helping to clear out a road that was flooded, when a guy offered me diamond blocks to clear out the water from his house for him. I spent about an hour clearing out his tower (he was hit very badly) and he paid me with 8 diamond blocks! Hurray, I'm a contract worker!
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